Sultan Robusto
" This is not a power bomb by any means, but a good tasty cigar that was enjoyable as a late night (morning) treat before bed. "

Rob . Tennessee - USA

August 12, 2010



Prelight - cigar is well constructed and very firm. The wrapper has a few veins, but overall a beautiful cigar packed with tobacco. A few draws upon clipping give me grass and a bit of cedar. Lights very easily.

1st Third - Grass and Bread are the dominating flavors, with just a hint of spice and cedar. I get a green tea flavor that fades in and out with a few puffs. I'm impressed by the volume of smoke. Snorking reveals a creamy body and nice finish. Very mild. Ash is white and flakey. Draw is just about right with a little resistance.

2nd Third - Burn has been good - not razor sharp, but I've not correct yet and there is a slight breeze. Grass and Bread still predominate, tea and spice is gone, but I'm getting some darker coffee/mocha flavors. I can see where this would be a great cigar with coffee. The draw has loosened somewhat, but still not too loose.

Final Third - Ash is holding about an inch at a time before dropping. Bread has dropped off and Grass predominates. Getting more of that yummy darker coffee/mocha flavor and spice and green tea have returned and more frequently. I like this flavor profile the best. Still burning cool and I haven't felt the need to purge which is unsual to me. I finally did have to correct the burn a bit once so I purged anyway and could tell no difference in taste. I snorked a lot at this stage and smoke still copious. I enjoyed the long finish.

Final Impressions - this is a great anytime 'gar and would really be good for those new folks who are looking to step up from the mild ho-hum cigars to a mild cigar with some complexity. I'm normally not a churchill puffer, but I suspect that if these darker, richer flavors stay longer I would like that vitola better. I'll be interested to read those reviews as they come and may need to get a box for aging! This is not a power bomb by any means, but a good tasty cigar that was enjoyable as a late night (morning) treat before bed.

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