Sultan Robusto
" This is a nice light, smooth cigar. It would be a good intro cigar, or morning cigar "

Terry Ejgarnut . Georgia - USA 
June 14, 2010


The Sultan seems to be very solidly constructed, no soft spots, and a good looking wrapper with only a few small veins. It smells slightly spicy, grassy, sweet.

My el cheapo makes a nice clean cut, pre draw tastes maybe a little grassy, but mostly of pure tobacco.

1st third - The Sultan lit up nicely, and burned pretty well through the first inch. The flavors I got from it were light, but there was some sweet spice, nice tobacco taste, and a couple of puffs kind of brought to mind a taste of cinamon apples. It started burning uneven about an inch in & I did a touch up with the bic. Nice white ash with some grey.

2nd third - The ash dropped off shortly into the 2nd third, it was about 1.5 inches when it fell. The spice is less now, barely noticeable, with a kind of dough/bread flavor coming in. Toward the end I dont taste any spice, but the dough & tobacco flavors are still there. Another touch up at the end of the third.

Last third - The spice returns in & out, very faint when its there. The dough/bread remains till about the end, and a faint leather starts to appear. I do one more touch up. The ash drops again after I set it on the ashtray. I have a few more puffs after this, and the leather is still there faintly. Time to put it down.

Conclusion - This is a nice light, smooth cigar. It would be a good intro cigar, or morning cigar. I think it would go better with a good cup of coffee than beer. The flavors I got from it were nice, but very light throughout the whole stick.