Sultan Robusto
" This was a pretty good cigar "

Chris Magnate . Washington - USA
May 22, 2010



Yan, THANK YOU SIR!! You have made a very nice product and the quality shows when you hold it in your hand. So, here it was before I lit it. Very pleasing white/black pepper smell to the wrapper with some slight cedar notes. Pre-light draw was very pleasant and slightly sweet. And the wrapper was so light it appeared to be just a little but green. I used a punch at first and the draw was very good, but maybe just a little loose.  FAR better than being a little plugged, though!!


My initial thought is that it tastes a bit green... like grass... not a bad green flavor, not sour... but not great right away. Got a little further in and decided the smoke was finishing a little bitter with the punch, so I clipped it as little as possible with a Palio. This actually opened up the smoke and created a really nice volume of smoke. It also brought our some floral flavors. The cap was also a triple cap, and very thick. Quite a nice construction, solid up and down. I did have some minor burn issues, but nothing that affected my smoking pleasure.


It's a very mild smoke and hints of clover began to come through. Worked very well with the floral flavor and was a nice development of the original green flavor. As I got farther through the cigar, I began retrohaling a lot more. It's a mild cigar, so you can do it over and over again with a lot of smoke and no damage to the nose. And the retrohale brings an awesome baking bread smell... maybe the best part of the whole cigar.  Also, as the green flavor has developed, it's gone to green tea flavor and a sweetness came with it.  A few minutes later, the green tea turned to bitter...


Overall, this was a pretty good cigar. It's more mild than my tastes lean, and I'm not sure the green flavor that lasted throughout was my thing. It's DEFINITELY different than anything I've had. I suggest you folks that haven't had one, give it whirl...