Sultan Robusto
" This was a very enjoyable cigar for me "

Devlin Estoric . Florida - USA
June 17, 2010

First impression: This cigar is nicely constructed, has a couple small veins but looks good with an impressive band and presentation. There are no soft spots at all to be felt and I am looking forward to finding out if it tastes as good as it looks.

Pre light draw: The cigar tastes a little like cocoa (just a tiny bit).

First third: This cigar feels mild but does have a small bit of taste to it. I get a TON of smoke from a moderate puff. I get a very light earthy cocoa taste that has a very short and light finish. Thus far, I enjoy it but it makes me feel like something is coming. The burn line is superb so far. Just as I was about to write how this cigar seemed a little one-dimensional, it opens up nicely and gives me a lot of leathery cedar flavor that I really enjoy! That came out of nowhere and is staying with me.

Second third: I have experienced most of the same tastes but on a retrohale I get an interesting flicker of anise it seems. It is exceptionally smooth for exhaling through your nose. In fact, never have I had a cigar this smooth that way. The additional flavor I have enjoyed since the end of the first third is still here. I am really enjoying it. As weird as it seems to me, it almost reminds me of a good Connecticut. The ash has held steady.

Final third: This cigar has been great. Yes, it is a mild cigar but it is not without a good bit of flavor. What has been probably the most amazing is that I have been able to take as many puffs as I want without it getting hot or bitter. It is very enjoyable and relaxing. I have been getting the same flavors of cedar and some leather but for a minute it almost there was a faint maduro taste. As advertised, this cigar is one smooth operator.

Final thoughts: This was a very enjoyable cigar for me. It wasn't a cigar that you can expect to knock you down but it is one that I believe a lot of people will enjoy.