Sultan Robusto
" I found the Sultan to be a very pleasurable smoke "
Joe . Florida - USA
June 03, 2010



I found the Sultan to be a solid, very well constructed stick. It felt good in the hand, in fact, I sat and just rolled it between my fingers for several minutes before lighting. I used a couple strips of Spanish Cedar to light her up. It lit very easily and evenly. The draw was as easy as just breathing.

The first third had a tangy almost sweet green wood taste, especially on the retrohale. Every now and again I got a hint of a taste almost like leather. I sipped a little coffee which, while it complimented the Sultan very well, knocked out most of the sweet flavour and brought out the tanginess. By about half way I also detected a very slight hint of spiciness as well.

For some reason I keep picturing a light green lizard lazing away the day on a tree branch in the jungle...

By the final third the flavours had mellowed considerably but were still distinct and complex. Still both lightly sweet and tangy. The ash on the list third was much stronger and solid than it had been in the beginning.

I found the Sultan to be a very pleasurable smoke. Firm in the hand. Mild, complex, and full flavoured. I would love to get my hands on more of these.