Sultan Churchill
" Both Sultans I've had have been up there, as far as quality, with the best cigars I've smoked. "
Cateacher . California - USA
August 20, 2010

Sultan Churchill Review - 8/6/10 Cypress, CA

The Sultan is paired with a cup of coffee.
Construction is very nice. A caramel looking wrapper with a few noticeable veins. Band of course is very classy.

Prelight – a slight cedar taste. Good draw, ready to set it on fire.

1st third – ample amount of smoke, with both a perfect burn and draw. Still have the cedar taste with just a touch of pepper in there. Retrohale is very mild and picked up something like a cashew flavor in there for a minute. Ash held for ¾ inch before falling.

2nd third – still a slight cedar taste, but a barnyard/hay flavor has taken over. Had to leave the cigar for a few minutes to make some more coffee, and the Sultan was still going strong. Not as much smoke present as in the 1st third, but still plenty. Burn and draw are still perfect.

Last third – The pepper came back and a little stronger here in the final third. Burn and draw are still perfect. The amount of smoke picked back up like the first third. Pulled the band off and thankfully none of the wrapper came off with it, because I hate when the band seems to be glued to the wrapper.

The construction of this cigar was flawless. Yan, you must be very proud of the quality of the product you put out. Both Sultans I've had have been up there, as far as quality, with the best cigars I've smoked. No touch-ups or relights were required throughout, and the burn and draw were absolutely perfect too.

The churchill tasted much better to me than the robusto. I did enjoy this cigar there's just more out there I enjoy. I'd definitely smoke another as this is a good morning or first cigar of the day smoke IMHO.