Sultan Churchill
" The Sultan Churchill is an excellent cigar for anyone interested in enjoying a long, mellow smoke."
Mike . Arizona - USA
August 10, 2010


This is a very nice-looking cigar. A couple of prominent veins, but it looks and feels very solidly constructed. The hefty band in gold and green says understated royalty, and its placement near the head of the cigar is an invitation to smoke to the nub.

My immediate impressions after my first draw were "smooth" and "mellow." The flavor was mostly leathery with a hint of fruit and a lingering pepper spice. There was also a gentle sweetness in the aftertaste that complimented the peppery notes. As the cigar progressed, notes of espresso, cocoa and very light florals crept in, with a nice woody flavor balancing the leather. The pepper essence intensified, and that mild sweetness held on until the end. The flavor stayed on the mild side of medium throughout; smoked to less than two inches remaining, it never grew harsh or bitter.

The burn was a little bit wavy, but never became problematic. Although smoked slowly and leisurely, the cigar never threatened to go out. The ash was very substantial; it was not at all flaky, and didn't fall until removed. The draw was uniform throughout, tight enough to prove solid construction, but never a challenge to puff.

This cigar shows off with plenty of light, fragrant smoke. Even though I was smoking outside, people some distance away commented on the pleasant aroma.

With its interesting flavor profile, the Sultan Churchill is an excellent cigar for anyone interested in enjoying a long, mellow smoke. Its mild-to-medium strength and lack of nicotine "punch" would also make it a great place for newer smokers to step up into longer sticks, as I did.