Sultan Churchill
" I would even bet someone just starting out would enjoy this cigar very much "
Danthebugman, Missouri - USA
August 08, 2010



I've had this cigar sitting in my humidor since June 16, so just over 3 weeks, at 65% and roughly 70 degrees. The Sultan Churchill is a 7x50 stick with filler, binder, and wrapper from Java. Upon visual inspection the stick looks very well constructed. There is one small vein running about half way down the length, the cap is well constructed, the seams are visible, but tight. One criticism I have here is that the band is disproportionately high on the cigar. In fact part of the band rested in my mouth while I was smoking it. I tried to slide the band down some, but it was on there tight. Just a visual thing, did not effect the flavor or the ability to smoke the cigar.

The cigar is hefty in hand and is packed well. No soft spots what so ever. The aroma was a clean hay/mild tobacco with a slight sweetness. Very peasant. The cap came off cleanly and the draw, while a little tight, was good. I was relieved as I have read in other reviews how they had problems with the draw. I toasted the foot and was pleased at how easily it took flame, like it wanted to be smoked . Immediately the cigar produced thick clouds of white smoke and the flavors were exquisite. A clean hay, sweet tobacco flavor rushed over the palate and there was a caramel flavor on the retro hale.

Well into the first third and things are still continuing nicely. The draw has just the right amount of resistance. The flavors have been consistent and delicious. I'm not a burn Nazi so, while not razor sharp, isn't anything that needs touching up. The ash is a beautiful white and is holding strong. The ash fell at about an inch and a half with an audible plop on the deck. I'm having to restrain myself from smoking this too fast, the flavor is just that good.

Advancing into the second third and everything is still rocking and rolling. A light toasty flavor has been added to the profile, reminds me of a graham cracker when mixed with the sweetness from the tobacco. Houston we have a problem, I sat my cigar on the deck railing to go refill my water. Up until this point there had been no breeze, but Murphy's Law being what it is . You can probably guess where this is going...

Yep, cigar rolled off and landed on the deck . Upon inspection it appeared to be okay overall, just a few minor dings. This soon proved out as the cigar corrected itself nicely. I think it speaks to the superb construction of a cigar to survive something like that so well. I have had this experience with other cigars (think I'd learn ) and they have not come out so lucky.

Starting to get into the final third. From out of no where I get a blast of intense chocolate flavor. It causes me to do a triple take at the cigar. Where it came from I don't know, it disappeared as fast as it came. Otherwise the flavors are still as they have been, consistent and good. The burn is slightly wavy, but nothing that needs to be corrected. Ash has been holding at an inch to two inches and has been announcing its departure with audible plops on the deck.

Time has come to remove the band and this is where another critique comes in. The glue that held the band on was quite strong. It took some doing to remove the band without damaging the cigar. Normally at this point the cigar has warmed up enough that the glue has loosened and the band comes right off.

Shortly after where the band was located the cigar started to heat up quickly. It was at this point I decided to let it burn out. I had thought about going to the nub, but when I started losing the flavors in the heat of the cigar...well at that point you're just in it for the nicotine. Total burn time just over 1 hour 15 minutes.

Over all I loved this cigar. While it was a milder cigar and I normally like them stronger, it was very good and you need a change of pace every now and then. It could be a very good morning cigar. I would even bet someone just starting out would enjoy this cigar very much (I know I would have ). Would I buy a box? Not on the basis of one cigar, but I would definitely buy more. A tip of the hat to Ron for making this available to try. And a creak of the wallet to Yan for making a cigar I'm going to "need" more of .