have to say, I was excited to try this stick. From the second I saw it, I was curious. The elegant band, the perfect roll, the greenish brown hue of the wrapper, the slightly sweet aroma I got from it, it was something high on my priority list I'll tell you that.

I paired this cigar with a Light Beer. I knew it was mild and didn't want to over power it with something too full bodied. It is also 96 friggin degrees here so I was dying for a cool one. And since Cigary never called me back with a suggested pairing (he's smoked a sultan before) I gave it a whirl and it worked. The cigar is well made, nicely constructed and clipped well. I toasted it with the Ronson and was greeted by the aroma of some toast and tea, like the tea we get served in the Thai restaurant my buddies and i go to for lunch. It's quite pleasing.

Well, the cigar is burning and it is a nice, mild and well blended stick. I get the toasted almond, sweet and tea like flavors coming through. The smoke is plentiful for a lighter cigar and people are asking me "what are you smoking" I proudly let them know and the owners of the lounge are now asking me where to get some because they want to carry them. The smoke is not overall complex but consistent. Minor notes of baking spice but not too much. It has a sweet finish that is short lived but hey, there's 5 inches or so of this Indonesian dream left.


Getting to the middle, the strength picks up slightly and that tea and toastiness is really grabbing me in the right way. I really like this cigar even though it goes against the grain as far as my mainstream flavor profiles (I smoke CC's 80 % of the time and Maduros the rest).

The ash is firm and the burn razor sharp, there is really nothing negative to say about this cigar except I would like the finish to last a little longer. I have to say, if you haven't gotten your hands on this, please do so. Who said great cigars are only produced in South America. This one is a winner in my book. Great job Yan ! Let me know when you are ready to roll these out to retailers because I have three B & M owners looking to try some. I enjoyed this. Maybe because it was so different or maybe because of my anticipation but nonetheless, I would buy these and smoke them whenever possible.